EZCast Pro Dongle II improves on the existing Pro Dongle technology with new hardware and software support. The new 802.11ac 5G 2T2R Wi-Fi transceiver creates faster and more stable Wi-Fi performance. New ProCast app allows 1-to-many screen mirroring in realtime for more classroom and conference room applications.

QuattroPod system is the most innovative solution for BYOD conference rooms, and it enhances collaboration by sharing screens wirelessly! It contains one Receiver unit (R01) and up to 4 Transceiver unit (T01) in one system. QuattroPod is cross platform and fully compatible with Windows/Mac/Chromebooks and iOS/Android mobile phones and tablets. It also supports 4K resolution for the best visual experience.

EZCast Pro Box B02 is an advanced wireless display solution. It supports 10M/100M Ethernet and the latest 802.11n+802.11ac dual Wi-Fi network protocols. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with high sensitivity antennas to give you the best wireless display experience. It not only supports HDMI and VGA outputs, but also USB devices like flash drives, mouse and touch panels. With the powerful EZCast Pro app, you can wirelessly project multimedia, web, documents and live camera.

EZCast Pro Deluxe Pack

Combine the brilliant EZCast Pro B02 system with ?�click and display??interface of EZLauncher, you get the simplest and quickest Wi-Fi presentation solution on the market. Simply pair each EZLauncher with your laptop via a USB port, and click to present wirelessly, instantaneously.

EZCast Pro Dongle

EZCast Pro dongle is a new solution based on the popular EZCast product. Not only does it support all EZCast?�s major functions, but also comes with more enterprise features such as, Host Control, Preferred Device, Split Screen and AirView. Its 802.11n 2T2R Wi-Fi transceiver and MHL 2.0 interface combine the best Wi-Fi performance with convenience. Get this great device for your classrooms and conference rooms.

EZCast Pro LAN Box B01

EZCast Pro LAN integrates Ethernet to provide a more stable internet connection. The Wi-Fi module with dual antenna design provides better access point performance. Dual outputs for VGA/HDMI, far-site administration and enterprise router support make EZCast Pro LAN the best solution for office and classroom presentations.

Wireless collaboration

Split Screen and AirView to provide the best solution for commercial and educational markets.

Run efficient meetings

Use EZCast Pro?�s control panel for more efficient and productive meetings.

Easy to use

New Host Control and Preferred Device features make sure you are always in control.

Take notes effectively

EZNote makes everyone snap and edit their own notes on the slides.

Simply click

Connect EZLauncher to mirror screens easily.